Your medical, commercial, and brand strategy is definitely not the same as your competitors, so why would your KOL needs be exactly the same?

The Firefly KOL database is your world of KOLs created and built for one specific job. Yours.


Firefly at its core is a system that is designed entirely to help you identify the most important and relevant KOLs based on a variety of metrics.Not just the top authors, speakers, or collaborators, but the KOLs with the influence to help you implement your specific strategy, and the power to seriously impact the success of your specific brand.


Use the Reach Map to explore the reach of an individual expert among the wider community. Use the Network Map to assess the level and type of connectivity between experts within a given topic. Use the Influence Map to identify true influence beyond just what publications and congress abstracts tell you.


True KOL mapping gives you not only the ability to see the connections, collaborations, and networks that exist within your community of experts, but also the lines of influence and impact between experts. And because Firefly is not just driven by the usual publication, congress, trial data, it gives you a complete and accurate contextual picture of the expert/KOL landscape – a canvas on which to create your own unique KOL programmes.


Apply your own custom weighting values to a host of variables in Firefly to generate a score-led ranking framework that is unique to your team, your strategy, your brand. You can even adjust the contribution of a specific research domain or methodology to the overall score of an expert. Furthermore, the use of qualitative and multi-mode in research enables you to rank individuals based not just on their level of activity (like every other database), but also on real-world impact, influence, and reach.


Tier and segment experts in Firefly based on your internal framework and how you classify KOLs for engagement. You are not restricted to just our way of looking at things (no matter how good that may be!).


Finding the key 20% can help you reach the other 80%. The rising stars, the future leaders of tomorrow; the KOLs that match your specific work requirements; and the experts most suitable for your next advisory board, global symposia, or educational workshops. In other words, don’t just find the top KOLs in Firefly, instead find the experts suitable for every pillar of your strategy, every cog of your tactical plan.


Imagine having the ability to fine tune the research methodologies and datasets to match the nuances of your disease, country, and indication. This exactly what Firefly gives you. Our medical and project teams will work with you to translate your needs into the powerful foundations of an effective KOL database geared solely to your needs.


Firefly is unique in that it can integrate and blend together not just multiple data sources but also multiple research methodologies – quantitative, qualitative, KOL mindset, HCP nomination, even valuable internal KOL knowledge from your affiliate teams – to give you a single coherent picture of the entire KOL landscape.


Together we’ll co-create a Firefly KOL database geared completely and solely to meet the needs of just one medicine – yours. And once it’s launched, we’ll ensure a proactive, rolling, programme of activities to maximise user adoption within your team and ensure that your Firefly KOL database is used in the right way, by the right people, for the right things.

We research, analyse, validate, score, rank, weight, assimilate, curate, and present the results of your KOL identification and mapping using the best of technology and the best of science to give you an unparalleled level of insight and granularity – the Firefly KOL database.

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